Drake & Streetwear Are Ruining Stone Island for Soccer Fans

The History

For any of you who don't know Stone Island's History, here's a quick summary: English soccer (aka football) hooligans adopted the then-obscure Italian sailing label as a de facto uniform. They exported it back home where it would later be picked up by myriad other scenes, thus weaving it firmly into the fabric of British popular culture. However Supreme and Drake for that matter have made the brand visible in the streetwear culture. The fact is, Drake and the streetwear scene have completely ruined Stone Island for the football thugs.

We can only imagine how these 'Football Thugs' would react to the sight of Drake strutting around Wimbledon or Gully Guy Leo striking a pose for Instagram whilst wearing Stone Island as he is arguably the softest rapper in the game. 

Britain is an emotionally constipated nation still suffering from a very Victorian stiff upper lip. Being as forthright with your feelings as Drake is would be frowned upon in most segments of society, let alone in the hyper-masculine environment of football fandom where it’s utterly taboo.