How Streetwear Re-designed The World


With people queuing up around London to get their hands on the latest pieces from drops, it's no wonder high-fashion has it's eyes on the Hypebeast scene. 

This is the “hypebeast" scene, the nickname given to the consumers hungry for whatever hyped streetwear is released in a given week. The two biggest competitors are Palace (founded in London 2009) and Supreme (founded in New York, 1994). They have kids entering the same subculture of spending hundred of dollars on pieces that are going to be the most valued of the 'drop'. 

Hypebeasts like those swarming the London Palace stores have a certain business acumen: the resale market is big in other words It’s got its own economy. A lot of these kids have little businesses. They will queue for 16 hours and will spend anything from £600 to £1,200, but can resale it for triple that. 

The high value attached to these streetwear brands, have celebrities all over the world wearing them from Kylie Jenner to Travis Scott, enabling high designers like Louis Vuitton to collab with the streetwear brands.