Meet 73-Year-Old Streetwear God Charles Allcroft


Former History Professor now Streetwear Hobbyist

The streetwear community attracts enthusiasts of all creeds, backgrounds, and ages. But you probably wouldn't expect 73-year-old former art history professor Charles Allcroft to be in the mix. 

He say's “My friend Joseph Lamonica always wore hoodies. He inspired me to read about streetwear and go to places like Dave’s Quality Meat, aNYthing, NORT/RECON, and Memes,”

Allcroft’s life has intersected with some of the most influential figures in street culture and fashion as a whole. He recalls a time when he shared an elevator at The Strand with a young, up-and-coming designer.

This is good... 

“Someone told me he was working on his own brand. He wrote the name on a napkin in a freight elevator. Years passed and the brand began doing well,” he says. “It was Hood by Air.”

You will see Charles as the latest Supreme drops, and asking questions about the newest items in stock. 

We think that Charles has inspired us with a sense of nostalgia, and he shows us that you can be any age and still be one of the best dressed in Streetwear.